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Golden Globe nominee Best Picture - Musical or Comedy, Music, the new film written & directed by Sia + starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. & Maddie Ziegler 🌈🎧 Get more info, and find out where and when to watch in your country
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Miley Acosta
Miley Acosta 時間 前
Someone very close to me has atusim. And I can not express how much this anger's me. Because to see someone struggle and then things like this come out just makes me want to scream. And even as a person without disability it makes me furious to see a normal girl who has had everything handed to her play this character.
standing hamster
standing hamster 時間 前
You should lose fame, you now are disgusting. You messed up making this. Making fun of autistic people and disabled people
Roblox Only
Roblox Only 2 時間 前
Omg I love it when u force people yayyy 😒🤬😡
fuck2016 3 時間 前
Malte S
Malte S 4 時間 前
Yall should watch Atypical its a show about autism on netflix way better then this in my opinion ;)
hailey green
hailey green 5 時間 前
Austin Galyan
Austin Galyan 5 時間 前
I agree it shouldnt have been made but if yall gonna hate go and hate on Gilbert grape and radio ect....
Austin Galyan
Austin Galyan 5 時間 前
She tried and it didnt work and she admitted it give her a break.
nadia pop
nadia pop 6 時間 前
dont worry sia i love the film and will defintily watch it also love your music. And in this case the hate is a good thing because it brought me to this movie which I WILL watch. Free clouttt
Dramatica Poppy
Dramatica Poppy 27 分 前
Goodddd foooorrrr youuuuuu
Jessica Shepherd
Jessica Shepherd 8 時間 前
why does this trailer make it seem like its not completely disgusting?
Namelesswon 8 時間 前
I think we all need to remember Sia is Australian.
just some killjoy
just some killjoy 12 時間 前
Bruh how does an actor go from Hamilton to this disgusting offensive mess of a "film"
Autumn H
Autumn H 14 時間 前
I'm sorry, but who called this "an exceptional film"??? Show me the receipts
illa illa
illa illa 17 時間 前
Damn everyone is so sensitive. No art will ever be able to be made again it seems
Jade Marie
Jade Marie 17 時間 前
Why haven’t I heard anyone else that worked on the movie talking about how awful it is? Just how big was your paycheck????
T0nyGunk 17 時間 前
If you find this offensive, please stfu and seek help. I grew up with a severely low functioning autistic sibling, and I am not offended in the least.
z a i n a
z a i n a 19 時間 前
why leslie why
Bifford 19 時間 前
"she sees the world in a completely different way from us" Wtf is that supposed to mean??? This movie is the definition of tone deaf. Scrap the whole thing.
Kelly 20 時間 前
How is Hollywood supposed to depict developmentally delayed individuals ( once medically called retarded) in this new woke world? I know I know this is supposed to be an autistic girl but how about she's an the far end of the spectrum and lower functioning. Those people really do exist. Take a look at Fathering Austisms JPgoon channel and Abby. She high functioning in some ways but not in others like speech. It is after all called a spectrum. I just don't think anything is acceptable in current society and folks are way too sensitive
Kales Monroe
Kales Monroe 18 時間 前
Not too sensitive....too neurotic
Boss Hoss Cigars
Boss Hoss Cigars 20 時間 前
sparrow 21 時間 前
I am going to scream
Trinity young
Trinity young 21 時間 前
Katlyn Aguilar
Katlyn Aguilar 21 時間 前
and of course you used a laundry list of A list actors.
Guffy Woofriguez
Guffy Woofriguez 23 時間 前
To the 32K people who favorited this, you’re stupid
BrokenSignal3210 日 前
This looks and sounds awful.
Mr. Frog
Mr. Frog 日 前
if only they actually had an autistic child playing this
Kales Monroe
Kales Monroe 日 前
If we had some ham we could have some ham and eggs if we had some eggs.
Eight 日 前
I went in expecting the worst but.. everyone is overreacting as always -_- Some people have even said it's going to put us autistics in danger and destroy our lives which is literally insane that some people think ONE movie can do that :/
Dramatica Poppy
Dramatica Poppy 22 時間 前
it cannot ruin lives you are right about that. It just gives the impression to millions of people that restraining autistic people is ok.
Kales Monroe
Kales Monroe 日 前
Keep in mind most of the people posting are under the age of 20, not in the real world, and just trying to be heard through typing psychotic, histrionic rhetoric. Don't do the same and over react....just leave the page. That is what most of the rest of us have done.
Anonymous Mustache
Anonymous Mustache 日 前
"I never said disabled i said special abilities" What do you think i am? A fucking mutant?
Dramatica Poppy
Dramatica Poppy 22 時間 前
Never mind sensory overload I’m going to go make special rainbows out of slime
Lily-Rose Laroche
Lily-Rose Laroche 日 前
So sad that leslie odom jr is in this movie...he is an amazing artist..
Emily Littler
Emily Littler 日 前
This is an ableist depiction
Kate-Emma Murray
Kate-Emma Murray 日 前
Everyone: how much sensory overload do you want in your film? SIA: however much it takes to cause an actual autistic person to feel unsafe Everyone: Ok SIA: then double it.
Dramatica Poppy
Dramatica Poppy 22 時間 前
Lol the truth in this statement
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 日 前
...Sounds about accurate.
Bee The shroom
Bee The shroom 日 前
This makes me wanna drink bleach then slam my head on a door for a whole month until sis doesn’t exist
Dramatica Poppy
Dramatica Poppy 22 時間 前
Don’t do that she is not worth it
Bee The shroom
Bee The shroom 日 前
Sia sorry
noah 日 前
id rather shed just call me a slur
DeadBunny 日 前
what the fuck is wrong with you. this is 2 hours of mockery put together into a "movie".
Doshima Iyorlu
Doshima Iyorlu 日 前
if she took out the ableism this seems like it could be an alright movie
Savannah L
Savannah L 日 前
This is the worst kind of woke.
Eli Von
Eli Von 日 前
the fact that this has more likes than dislikes makes me feel so disgusted with people.
KristiChan1 日 前
LISTEN Movie by Communication First You're all assuming it's just "normal looking" and verbal autistics who are criticizing this film.
Luhan Exo m
Luhan Exo m 日 前
And people said good doctor was bad.
Hailey K
Hailey K 日 前
I mean... compared to this movie I think The Good Doctor is great 😭
Criss_genesis 1
Criss_genesis 1 日 前
Sia you have done a great job with your film, the concept is complete, with all the distinctive features of your art; costumes, color, gesticulation, makeup, movements and music. And a beautiful message. Great performances.
Dramatica Poppy
Dramatica Poppy 22 時間 前
👏👏👏 she has perfectly captured what autism is really like.👏👏👏 Oh wait she haven’t she have perfectly showed why autistic people are shunned from society
Customer Service
Customer Service 日 前
Rainman won an Oscar for the same thing. Don't be so self righteous people.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 日 前
We’re not being self righteous. We’re trying to explain what the issues with this film are, and why we’re upset. Please understand where we’re coming from.
Quinn T
Quinn T 日 前
Yep, it's TOTALLY a good idea to put bright flashing lights, and loud noises in a movie about Autism. It's not like it's triggering or anything. Not to mention the great choice of the nero-typical girl playing the roll of the autistic girl, was making faces, noises, and movements in a way that's making fun of people who actually have autism. And also, the fact that the girl playing the roll of the girl with autism, didn't even want to play that roll. Wow, such great choices. I bet this movie will win a lot of awards.
Quinn T
Quinn T 日 前
Yes, I realize that some people who have autism actually do act like the girl did in this movie and that's completely fine. Please don't think I'm saying anything bad about those people. And if you're like this and you feel like this comment is offensive, I'm very sorry.
chaotic_gay 日 前
The amount of people I used to stan which turned out be problematic is astonishing
Like the Horror Movie
Like the Horror Movie 2 日 前
I was worried that the comment section would be full of people supporting this movie, and boy am I glad to see it is not
Kales Monroe
Kales Monroe 日 前
@Like the Horror Movie You do you lovely...hope it works out for you!
Like the Horror Movie
Like the Horror Movie 日 前
@Kales Monroe Ooff go have fun enjoying this movie I guess? If autistic characters being treated like props, in a movie inaccessible for many autistic people (because sensory overload), made by a woman who researched the movie using Autism Speaks (an organisation that has done so much damage to the autistic community) is your thing. But maybe rather than pretending that you're being clever and "above cancel culture", the "left gone mad", or whatever the hell you think is going on here... you should consider that there might be a good reason that so many people are angry.
Kales Monroe
Kales Monroe 日 前
All of those people left to go enjoy something. This comment section gives many of us a migraine so we just ignore it now.
Zero Zero
Zero Zero 2 日 前
Being around real autistic people my whole life and not self-diagnosed social media types. This film is spot on!!
Dramatica Poppy
Dramatica Poppy 22 時間 前
No it’s not you are stupid good job 👏
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 2 日 前
No... it’s really not.
Cristobal Rojad
Cristobal Rojad 2 日 前
Sia She Is Amazing
Dramatica Poppy
Dramatica Poppy 22 時間 前
@Cristobal Rojad Sia S is for: such a monster she restraints autistic children I is for: incredibly arrogant to think she can speak crap for people without a voice A is for: ablest
Cristobal Rojad
Cristobal Rojad 日 前
@Summer Rose SIA the Queen
Criss_genesis 1
Criss_genesis 1 日 前
Cristobal Rojad: Yes, it is, She is amazing.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 2 日 前
Kyla Armstrong
Kyla Armstrong 2 日 前
shame on maddie too, there is NO way you could act like this and not realize how offensive and insensitive it is!
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 2 日 前
Don’t blame Maddie please. She was only 14 when this film was made. She was only a minor...
Bala 2 日 前
Why can't people just see the good intentions of the film and allow people to make up their own mind? How many of you have just watched the trailer? I hope people will stop trying to police other peoples' art. For people that go on about lived experience it is funny how you can't let Sia have her's. I watched it and thought if we were all more sensitive to the needs of people with autism, in this case severe autism, then the world would be better. If you watch it and see it as the reprehensible expression of a bigot then that is up to you, but you can't bully everyone else into thinking that. There is a spectrum of disability and people with this kind of autism cannot just be treated exactly the same as everyone else, it's not in anyone's best interest. Fair enough if you want to say there should be nuance around restraint, but is that enough to pull down the whole movie?
Bala 8 時間 前
@Dramatica Poppy I guess what I mean by bullying is not allowing people to think differently from you by only suggesting one perspective is the morally good one. It is still only your opinion that it is a hate group and you are allowed to think that. The researchers will say that they are looking into the genetic factors of autism to develop more targeted methods of early support for autistic people. You can think that is trying to find a cure or eugenics, but that does not mean everyone else has to believe that. The woman in that video is describing her own emotional difficulties, she is not suggesting that driving off a bridge is a good thing or that she is happy she had those thoughts. Do you not see that if you insist that the only perspective is that Autism Speaks is a hate group, then anyone who suggests otherwise can be accused of being hateful and wants to commit genocide on autistic people and then they should no longer be allowed a platform and all of a sudden the mob is enforcing only one perspective again by morally shaming other people. Fair enough if you think we can disagree, but our culture is very quick to accuse people of having immoral motives and it leads to people not being allowed to disagree. Hardly anyone in this comment section or our culture thinks "I disagree, but Sia can have her own perspective."
Dramatica Poppy
Dramatica Poppy 12 時間 前
@Bala I understand what you are saying and I agree that we should just leave it at you have a different opinion to me. However i don’t agree with you saying we are a bullying mob sia used a hate group for her research a group that tries to cure autism and that uses ABA and ECT to “cure” autism. The group has been responsible for many deaths and in one of there support videos shows a woman wanting to drive off a bridge becuase of her daughter having autism so that is out problem
Kales Monroe
Kales Monroe 18 時間 前
@Trunk Funkler Not comparing you to Hitler. Comparing the lunacy in this comment section to Hitler
Kales Monroe
Kales Monroe 18 時間 前
@Trunk Funkler No...It is that I wanted to prove a point. But I am once and for all done coming in here....too whacko for me.
Bala 21 時間 前
@Dramatica Poppy I understand your points as well and the other people who criticise it, and people can feel however they want about it. I can't make sense of it fully, but if I think the film does not dehumanise autistic people and you do, is it not better that we accept that we have different perspectives and leave it at that? There is no way to decide who is correct. I can also disagree with you and still think of you as reasonable and well meaning. My issue is more that people feel that their subjective opinion is enough to decide what other people should think and even if the film should be allowed to be seen, or if it should get awards, that Sia is unquestionably a bigot, or if Sia deserves to have her own perspective on autism and that the perceived wrong opinions will be enforced through aggression in the name of empathy. It is a form of intolerant mob bullying that limits how free people are to express themselves. It's almost like religious authoritarianism. It's true that good intentions can have bad consequences, but I still think people should be judged by their intentions. Who knows?
xAsh 2 日 前
The plot is confusing..
T0rdN0rski 2 日 前
I wonder why the restraint scene is not in here? Maybe it's because parents who watch this will think that injuring their autistic kid would be a good idea.
Ad1cted 2 日 前
This is so ableist wtf
Mel 2 日 前
First of all.. what the fuck? Second of all WHAT THE FUCK.
KristiChan1 2 日 前
It's not just the autistics you define as "normal looking" who are concerned.
Melissa Kaleka
Melissa Kaleka 2 日 前
This is the visual representation of a slur
Roo 2 日 前
wtf i think i just committed a massive crime rn 🚶🏻‍♀️
Laila Nantambu
Laila Nantambu 2 日 前
um p.s. good movies aboutt or with people with autism use people who actually have autism not random celebrities who can help ur music career and get u views!
Gophe lad
Gophe lad 2 日 前
They did not 🤦‍♂️
Lucy Lang
Lucy Lang 2 日 前
Wow.. tone deaf is an understatement, maybe when you’re making a film about people that exist talk to them about their experiences first and don’t use them as a plot tool and actually cast someone with autism who is nonverbal maybe, cause this comes off as a pisstake tbh. Maybe listen to people telling you you are wrong and not just swear at them also
Alain-Christian 2 日 前
Wow, I hope people can look past their tears and anger to recognize Maddie’s talent. I don’t blame Maddie, she was afraid to do this and trusted everyone else. Amazing dancer
carlo andrea lucani
carlo andrea lucani 2 日 前
Just finished it. I loved it from the beginning to the end. Good job sia!!!!❤️
Dramatica Poppy
Dramatica Poppy 22 時間 前
Please don’t support this. I know it is free will and you have a right to say what you want. But this film dehumanised the entire community it’s is just sick and cruel and the worst part is all the hate is hiding behind a fake rainbow
LGBTQ Rights
LGBTQ Rights 2 日 前
This is so offensive. I’m autistic and I feel like I’m being mocked. This movie makes us look like little babies who see the world in a crazy way. We don’t, we are humans like everyone else. Our brain is just a little different then others and has pros and cons like everything. I’m SO offended, this is TERRIBLE representation.
Slavic_Bumpkin 3 日 前
most of my friends are autistic and I've never seen any of them act anywhere close to what's in this "film". absolutely disgusting, misrepresenting people who already don't get enough correct response from the general public is awful and pushes a stereotype.
Decker Munroe
Decker Munroe 3 日 前
Surprised the the comments are still up and running lol
Dramatica Poppy
Dramatica Poppy 22 時間 前
@Kales Monroe becuase people on the community are the ones getting hurt. Stop dehumanising us by singling us out becuase that makes you just like sia
Kales Monroe
Kales Monroe 日 前
She doesn't read them anymore. NO one does except people from the autistic community.
Janet Mçcabe
Janet Mçcabe 3 日 前
Sia made maddie so it i feel so bad for maddie
Davis 3 日 前
This looks like absolute dogshit therefore I must watch it
Celon Delon
Celon Delon 3 日 前
Sia: I wanna make a film for Maddie, it's about autism, fuck your feelings autism people.
Ameera Maddison
Ameera Maddison 3 日 前
If an autistic person can’t fit the environment and gets stressed change the environment around if it’s a film about an autistic girl and a autistic girl feels stressed to the point of Sia being lazy and not changing it so she is not stressed then what is the point of even making the film- not to mention that the autistic girl she said she cast before wasn’t even real they had already cast Maddie as the lead role. Sia claimed she did research for 3 years (instead of actually just talking to people)yet in a tweet she used the phrase ‘special abilities’ I’m literally done- I’m not autistic but that is just wrong on so many levels sia you disgust me
LooperPooper 2
LooperPooper 2 3 日 前
How do you mess up something this badly?
Remington Massey
Remington Massey 3 日 前
As a person with autism, this is horribly offending. You made us seem like toddlers, who can’t rely on themselves to do anything! And if this is a film, if I can even call it that, you should be showing more of the person with “autism”. Not her sister. What the fuck is wrong with you? You must be sick to create such a horrible, embarrassingly condescending movie.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 2 日 前
Well said Remington! I love your profile picture btw. 💖💜💙
Eve Strutt
Eve Strutt 3 日 前
As someone who doesn't have autism, I don't know all the ins and outs of it, and would like to learn more after seeing this trailer. I have no interest in watching the movie because it looks incredibly offensive to those with autism. It looks like she didn't do any research into the community and it looks like a mockery.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 2 日 前
As a person with autism myself, as well as epilepsy, the bright colors and loud music were too much. Many on the autistic spectrum have something called Sensory Processing Disorder. This makes everyday stimuli overwhelming. Also the fact that Sia handled things horribly online didn’t help either... it just made her seem closed minded and immature. All people were doing was pointing out the flaws and issues the film had. And all she did was get pissed at everyone who dared to criticize it. To be honest, I’m not even angry over the fact that Maddie got casted. That’s quite common. But it would’ve been nice to have an actual autistic person act there part. That way, they’d have some experience on what having autism is really like. However, I am angry that I have to keep repeating myself to others. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried explaining this to someone and their response was either “I don’t care” or “If you don’t like it then don’t watch”. The fact that Sia replaced that autistic girl instead of giving her accommodations to make the set and experience more comfortable for her, is just wrong. Instead, Sia just casted her star Maddie. And that to me just doesn’t sit right... Maddie was FUCKING crying to Sia! Begging not to be in the film, due to the fear of being made fun of and getting backlash from this. But Sia pushed her forward anyway, saying it was fine. Shows how much she cares... I know not every autistic person is the same as me, but please try to understand where we’re coming from. We aren’t hating on this film for no reason. We’re trying to explain why it makes us so uncomfortable. If Sia truly plans on releasing a film representing our community, it should be comfortable for EVERYONE within that community. Not just the handful that like bright colors and loud music. I know not everyone can be pleased, but surely you understand what I’m trying to say. Right? Here are some helpful links for those wanting to know more about ASD or SPD: What is ASD: Info on SPD: Sia’s tweet (now deleted. This is a repost): Story about Maddie Crying/Nepotism: Story about Sia paying for Maddie’s security due to “feeling responsible for her fame”: Link to the synopsis of the film (SPOILERS): Link to some of the scenes from the film (SPOILERS): There’s clips out there. And they don’t look good. That is not how you should treat someone who is having a meltdown. Pinning them down like a criminal? If anything, that’s probably make the meltdown worse! I could understand a bear hug, because some autistic people need pressure to feel comfort. But not this... This film has got to be the worst portrayal of autism I’ve ever seen. Please don’t support this. It won’t do the autistic community any good... And for those of you saying that Sia did her best... No... Sia did not do her best. Three years of research just isn’t enough to understand the complexity of what she is trying to portray. And the fact she used Maddie instead of the original actress really says something. There could’ve been accommodations set for the girl to help her cope while being on set, but Sia decided that it was just to hard, so she used her usual star Maddie. She even admitted that it was nepotism. Sia doesn’t give a shit about the autistic community. All this is, is just to promote her new album while trying to gain some more money while doing so. Sickening... Also, the fact that this horrific film got a GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATION is just...not right. Link: Sai apologized to the autistic community. And then deleted her Twitter right after: And yes, I do believe that Autism Speaks had something to do with this film, despite denying it in this tweet: Edited to add more information: It has come to my attention that there could’ve possibly not have been an autistic actress to begin with. Since Sia admitted that the role of Music was specifically for Maddie herself. This makes the situation much worse because it was never about the autistic community at all... it was all about Sia’s music and her super star Maddie. Editing again: For those wondering, “Huh... didn’t Sia already release a trailer for this a while back? What happened to it?” Well, it got unlisted. But not to worry! I have the link for you all right here. Also here’s a petition for the Golden Globes to rescind the nominations. Link:
Spencer Vantas haha homestuck
Spencer Vantas haha homestuck 3 日 前
This movie is just one big ego boost. I cannot speak for autistic people, but the fact that the description of the movie said including “SIA’S two favorite things” and also this included a giant text screen that said “featuring 10 new songs by SIA.” Is so,,, god. She just wants to feel like a hero to autistic people, “saving” them. I stg the main character is just her self insert 🙄
The Cap Police IE cap & ur knees are snapped
The Cap Police IE cap & ur knees are snapped 3 日 前
Oof my comment got deleted? Yt wth. Welp, I should have copy and pasted that comment lol. Just wanted to post this comment for anyone who wants to discuss the actually story and not the controversial aspects. I'll go into why I think these things if anyone wants to ask, but here's my review: 2/10 -Dialogue is dry. Had some sweet moments, but got covered up by the bad dialogue. - Characterization is really bad. And I mean bad. I'll explain further if anyone would like me to. -Pacing of the story is horrible. -Musical aspect outweighs the actual story. -The Sia cameo was the only funny part about this movie Speaking of, comedy was horrible. The "comedic relief" wasn't even funny. (Think the comedic relief was the person selling drugs to Zu? Idk) -Sia ATTEMPTED to portray many hardships that people face in our society include drug abuse, abuse from family, depression (...not so sure about that one. Will elaborate later), etc. But failed to do so properly because of how bad the pacing of the story is. The characterization also worsens it. Couldve been a better movie. Just my opinion. If anyone wants to discuss with me, reply to this comment. Or if yall want me to elaborate on some part, let me know. Other than that, have a nice day! :)
KristiChan1 2 日 前
I've been having some hiccups as well with some of my comments. Not sure why.
The Cap Police IE cap & ur knees are snapped
The Cap Police IE cap & ur knees are snapped 3 日 前
Also! I will edit this comment from time to time tk put scenes from the movie and articles with varying opinions, so look out for that.
Lorenzo Sta. Rosa
Lorenzo Sta. Rosa 3 日 前
im am not disabled but i am ofended i was starting to actualy like you but that went away when you realeased this stop mocking people who are actualy disabled and you also got mackenzi zeigler to do this with you my respect for you went 📉
Oracuda 3 日 前
As a person with autism, High functioning autism/aspergers.. This doesn't offend me at all, I don't want to be victim blaming or anything but people are kind of making this more a big deal and too complicated than it needs to be.
Dramatica Poppy
Dramatica Poppy 22 時間 前
My problem is that it dehumanised us. The society we live in has been built for nyrotypilcal people and instead of rebuilding the society to include all things like this film make us seem like a pet
Oracuda 日 前
@Summer Rose clearly as someone who has been restrained multiple times through school, i just think this is improper research on sia's part, i dont think that makes her ableist, and either way if she was, a reaction like this is not how to deal with things, i feel like this comment section is just neurotypicals trying to feel for autistic people in all the wrong ways...
Oracuda 日 前
@Summer Rose well clearly it doesnt speak for the entire community, but either way, i'm more angered by the response against this artist rather than what they have mistakenly done.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 日 前
No we aren’t. We’re trying to explain why this movie makes most of the autistic community uncomfortable. And possibly could place many autistic people in danger as well due to the restraining methods used. Please try and understand where we’re coming from here. We aren’t hating on this film for no reason.
Cookiez Sky
Cookiez Sky 3 日 前
I love Sia but this is a wrong decision. She should’ve change Maddie character
Lol Shirt
Lol Shirt 3 日 前
Jesus loves you all 💕
Jeff Peng
Jeff Peng 3 日 前
This genuinely makes me sick. It's so over the top and basically mocks autistic people
5C07 LIM MING HOI 林明愷 3 日 前
Michael Jackson Healed the world with Billie Jean. Sia healed the World with Her Music.
Dramatica Poppy
Dramatica Poppy 22 時間 前
Michel Jackson change the world for a young boy when he touched him Sia hurt the autistic community when she became an ableist
Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade 3 日 前
I said it once I’ll say it again, grate movie idea horrible execution
Honor Fox
Honor Fox 3 日 前
This is just so wrong
Brinny The Winny
Brinny The Winny 3 日 前
My twin brother is autistic, and I wanted to see if there was any actual ableism in this video, for I've been seeing people who aren't on the spectrum commenting on it. Unfortunately I found they were right. Has anyone on the team even met anyone on the spectrum? I've been to so many of my brother's social skills sessions, and met so many of his classmates, and yet I've never seen anyone who acts the way Music is portrayed in this movie. People with autism are by no means "dumb". They simply think in different (and sometimes more clever) ways than others. Honestly, I'm disappointed.
melanna nunez steele
melanna nunez steele 3 日 前
disabled people are not here on earth to fulfill your weird savior complex. this is a very ableist movie.
Dominic Cobb
Dominic Cobb 3 日 前
You guys... I really can't with you. Sia is not a political figure, she is an artist. She works with music, visuals, crazy faces, weird and quirky people, dance. This is not about autism, this is not about politics. This is just a piece of her mind. You need to quit twitter and stop seeing problems everywhere. Relax, Take a deep breath, go outside.
Trunk Funkler
Trunk Funkler 2 日 前
I don't think you know what Sia was trying to do here... I mean there were "crazy faces" and I guess she thought she was depicting "weird and quirky people" but I think you're misunderstanding a few things...
A cat with bread on its head
A cat with bread on its head 2 日 前
It is about autism though 😂 sia said so herself!
Howl 3 日 前
OOF I didn’t think is was THIS bad
Forkdiver 3 日 前
This is the most ableist thing I have ever seen 😄
Ellie Rogers
Ellie Rogers 3 日 前
this- this triggers me so much!! im disabled, my partner has autism. i hste this movie
RedF 3 日 前
I think this movie has nothing wrong with it and it’s pretty dumb that people are only mad cause a person who is not autistic is playing an autistic person. Like what’s the difference between this movie and a movie like What’s eating Gilbert’s Grape? Lol
Dramatica Poppy
Dramatica Poppy 22 時間 前
We have more problems than that this comment just proves you will never listen
KristiChan1 2 日 前
You have to remember that that movie was released in 1993, about 28 years ago. A LOT has changed since then. More research has been done, social morals have shifted, and technology has advanced. The internet was still in its infancy back then, and as far as I know, there weren't any autistic communities like the ones you see on social media these days, if any at all. It's only been recently that modern technology has become affordable enough that almost everyone has access to the internet, and even more recent for some of us to communicate using things like apps on our phones or tablets. The movie was received well, but I don't think there's any data to show some kind of Neurotypical to Neurodivergent ratio of who liked it and who didn't.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 3 日 前
@Jade Agreed! Well said Jade!
Jade 3 日 前
We advocated against that too and if you actually listened to autistic people you'd realise that isn't the only issue with this film at all.
Sarah McFadden
Sarah McFadden 3 日 前
Jimins smol pinky
Jimins smol pinky 3 日 前
Nate B.
Nate B. 3 日 前
Not only is the depiction of autism offensive, there is blackface in one scene and the trope of the "magical negro." F this movie.
Nate B.
Nate B. 18 時間 前
@Kales Monroe Why do you even care about this trash movie?
Kales Monroe
Kales Monroe 18 時間 前
@Nate B. God get a grip man
Nate B.
Nate B. 日 前
@Kales Monroe It's not full on minstrel show blackface, but in the "Oh Body" music number, Maddie has darker skin and is wearing braids. "Blackfishing" is probably the more accurate term.
Kales Monroe
Kales Monroe 日 前
@Nate B. You have no idea what blackface is. I would refrain from putting forth such an egregious comment until you educate yourself.
Nate B.
Nate B. 日 前
@Kales Monroe The braids and darkened skin in the one musical number seemed like blackface to me.
Jacey 3 日 前
I call this: Mockery ft. My second hand embarrassment
Andi Putra Tunggul
Andi Putra Tunggul 3 日 前
Woaw ... i like it
Scooter Nyoom
Scooter Nyoom 3 日 前
I had my mouth open the ENTIRE time. Knowing this person acting her isn’t autistic makes me physically cringe on the way she acts.
Alfred The Great, King Of Wessex
Alfred The Great, King Of Wessex 3 日 前
I love Sia but this was a steaming pile of shit
Shannon Singer
Shannon Singer 3 日 前
Why doesn’t this have more dislikes
bein kein
bein kein 3 日 前
I watched the movie it's about two sisters who stand with each other and Learn from each other and find a way out of struggling together it's love story and very deep message for all of us to love each others and make our way to happiness together hand to hand I just love this movie and I don't understand why some people hate it this much it there is nothing bad about this movie, yes it's not that perfect but it's not that bad as some people say about it. This is my opinion. ❤❤❤
Dramatica Poppy
Dramatica Poppy 22 時間 前
@Summer Rose you tell them
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 日 前
@Kales Monroe Several people have died from this method. And calling Jade a psycho is kind of rude. If you don’t have anything nice or important to say, then kindly piss off. Thank you.
Kales Monroe
Kales Monroe 日 前
@Jade YOu are psycho. There was one boy in California that died from being restrained. Like what do you think? People who see this movie who just happen to be standing around someone who is autistic are just going to jump on top of them because that is what they did in this movie? God GET A GRIP!
Jade 3 日 前
The restraint scenes show a form of restraint that has literally killed autistic people.
Kerry Robinson
Kerry Robinson 3 日 前
This movie is embarrassing
Wahid w
Wahid w 3 日 前
I just love this movie and sia have just good attentions it's love story it's humans story learning from each other and stand with each other and finds a way together to be happy again I love you sia 🤩🤩❤❤
Dramatica Poppy
Dramatica Poppy 22 時間 前
Just saying not hating on you but I really wish you would stop supporting this film it is giving her more money and she is using it to promote ABA and autism speaks and I could ruin lives
bein kein
bein kein 3 日 前
I watched the movie and I love it ❤
Dominic Cobb
Dominic Cobb 3 日 前
this twitter mob is idiotic as always. get lost.
Kales Monroe
Kales Monroe 日 前
@ABorealis Glfry She should have just said the character had cerebral palsy......She would have saved herself a mountain of grief.
ABorealis Glfry
ABorealis Glfry 3 日 前
@Dominic Cobb "she wasn’t trying to make a movie about autism" ????? That was the whole point though. She advertised the fact everywhere that it was about a girl with autism, and even partnered with an organization called "autism speaks". She absolutely was trying to make it about autism. However, she didn’t care enough about the autistic community. For example, she didn’t get an autistic actor because it was too much of a hassle for her to accommodate the needs of one, the organization she partnered with is one practically only run by neurotypicals and it tries to make autism seem scary (to the point that in a type of PSA by them, they featured a woman saying that she thought about offing herself by driving into a river with her kid), she featured a scene in the movie where she encourages restraining an autistic person when they’re having a melt down (which, fun fact! You absolutely should not do.) and a lot more. Also- "wasn’t trying to make a political Movie“?? In what way is talking about autism in any shape or form political?
Dominic Cobb
Dominic Cobb 3 日 前
@ABorealis Glfry the real problem is Twitter. Sia wasn't trying to make a political movie, she wasn't trying to make a movie about autism. Her work is artistic, visual, unique and a little crazy. Always has been. Don't try to find problems were none are.
ABorealis Glfry
ABorealis Glfry 3 日 前
You really don’t get the problem with this movie, do you? :|
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